Sailing Club Mirror

Well that was one crazy turn around day where we went from normal….read that as ‘Perth normal’….to full lock down!
So rather than post another image of the craziness in the shops right now, here’s a calming image from Midnight last night at the Fremantle Sailing Club.
A 7 image stitch with the Nikon.

Pinkies Tranquility

We are now settled into Rotto after sorting out a few teething problems.
Yesterday’s 40 knot southerlies were a bit of a test for some with some carnage in the anchorage as is often the case with strong winds.
On such days both anchors and skills are tested and are often found to be somewhat lacking!
Today is a much nicer day with just a gentle southerly blowing over the dunes.
This shot was taken on low tide from last season just off Pinkies….the scene of 2 helicopter shark sightings on 2 consecutive days!