Trekking images from today

Good evening!
We are now in Goodawindi and will arrive in Sanctuary Cove tomorrow.
This morning we did a nice walk through the Dubbo Zoo before heading off and along the way found some Autumn colours at a little town called Coonabarabran.
So here is a summary of the images captured today.
The mushroom composition was Lee Lee’s idea, so she gets the credit for that one!

Wirrulla Lakes

We are now in Port Augusta, which is an eye opener to say the least!
I don’t think I have ever experienced such extended road works in any state and had to endure reduced speed and hassle in general for at least 1/3 of the trip today.
We did manage to find some nice little scenes along the way (before the road works) with a little detour out from Wirrulla.
Off to Broken Hill tomorrow….hopefully without the roadworks!

Sailing Club Mirror

Well that was one crazy turn around day where we went from normal….read that as ‘Perth normal’….to full lock down!
So rather than post another image of the craziness in the shops right now, here’s a calming image from Midnight last night at the Fremantle Sailing Club.
A 7 image stitch with the Nikon.