Last Post before the Master Joins True North!!!

OK everyone out there in blog land. Today is the day before Christian and I join True North for our 2 week Photo adventure. All of those lucky individuals who have signed up for the cruise are in for a tutorial of a lifetime in the most awarded cruise vessel in Australia and in the most amazing place in Australia.

The Kimberley is harsh and beautiful at the same time…it is vast and untouched…it is timeless and as it has been for Billions of years..and the wildlife is as diverse as the landscape.

Christian and I will be posting a few images each day from the boat, time permitting, so you will all be able to follow us as we go.

I am sure that everyone knows where Christian’s blog is, but just in case you have found my site on google and you don’t know Christian…his blog is: Christian’s Blog

3 more Images from Hong Kong

I found a few of other images of Hong Kong that I took during my last visit.

The rain storms were coming through thick and fast that day and I was on board the Maria watching the crew unload the ferries which took all day!!

Therefore anything I could see that gave me a photo opportunity was a welcome relief to the waiting game!!


A Break in the Storm

HK Junk

Memorial with City Views

OK troops…I need some input here…’torn between 2 lovers feeling like a fool’!!

I have 2 versions of the same image here. One cropped with the rule of thirds and one with the full size pano and the memorial in the middle.

The total shot was an 8 photo stitch and I like the detail in the larger shot, but I think the traditional rule of thirds shot works better.

By the way I was chatting to Christian on the phone whilst I was doing this stitch who was on his way home with a lurgy and about to take my wife’s Yak juice (liquid echinacea and Olive Leaf)!!! Hope your feeling better mate…only a few days to kick that lurgy’s butt!!! How’s that for multi tasking 🙂

Opinions please!!

Memorial Version 1

Memorial Version 2

Early Spring shots from Kings Park now with Cloned Everlastings

I had the opportunity to get to Kings Park today after a meeting at Parliament House.

The clouds were awesome as was the light..finally!!!

Spring is nearly here people!

I have now amended the Everlasting shot as per CF and Jamies comments…looks better I think!!

Hope you like these first 2 images..I will work on the rest later and post them as I get them done.

Kings Park WF

Kangaroo Paw

Golden Reflections at Karijini

Here is a 5 photo stitch that I took at Karijini with Christian and Mike. I have tried to stitch this a few times, but failed due to the control points being an issue. Well this time I persevered and made it!! Pretty happy with the result, the colours are awesome as are the patterns.

Well Christian and Neal, here is the crop and I hope you like it better, coz I blew it and push save instead of save as…coz i was a bit weary…doh):!! I guess if we agree that it was better the other way I can redo it again…just another 2 hours worries!

I think this version does look cleaner though!

Golden Reflections

Cropped Reflections