Last Post before the Master Joins True North!!!

OK everyone out there in blog land. Today is the day before Christian and I join True North for our 2 week Photo adventure. All of those lucky individuals who have signed up for the cruise are in for a tutorial of a lifetime in the most awarded cruise vessel in Australia and in the most amazing place in Australia.

The Kimberley is harsh and beautiful at the same time…it is vast and untouched…it is timeless and as it has been for Billions of years..and the wildlife is as diverse as the landscape.

Christian and I will be posting a few images each day from the boat, time permitting, so you will all be able to follow us as we go.

I am sure that everyone knows where Christian’s blog is, but just in case you have found my site on google and you don’t know Christian…his blog is: Christian’s Blog

18 thoughts on “Last Post before the Master Joins True North!!!

    1. I am going to put him in the engine room for the first few days:)!!

      He is actually pretty much on the mend though fortunately!!

  1. Enjoy guys… Looking forward to seeing your images… make sure you get one of Christian Mark shitting himself climbing up the side of King George Falls or hanging out the side of the chopper ! ! !


  2. g'day mate

    it is a beautiful place and i hope to see it some day take care have a awesome trip catch a big barra for me hahaha (you'll prob eat it though)
    cant wait to see the pics you guys will be posting


    1. OK Troops, thanks for the comments..time and internet access limited so we need to keep things short and sweet from this end.

      Had an amazing start to the day today for my birthday. Some posts to come soon.

      I have a couple more shots from yesterday coming now.



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