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MF in Action

Mike Fletcher has just uploaded a short intro to the West Kimberley based on the first week of our last Kimberley Cruise on Vimeo. The above pic is of him in action on top of a large set of rocks off Raft Point that we climbed to get a sunset. Some of the footage in the video was taken at this spot.

You can view Mike’s master piece at:
Mikes Video

19 thoughts on “Hot new video news!!

      1. Just downloaded and watched the 720p large version of it…my goodness. I've been to the Kimberley 3 times but it still absolutely takes my breath away (never seen the coastline though)

        When is PNG again ? True North and that heli loooooks so good šŸ˜€

    1. Yep Iphone mate!

      Gotta have one of those puppies…I run my whole business from my Iphone!!



  1. Sensational work by Mike.
    I bet that footage is invaluable for True North's marketing collateral.
    That footage around raft point was simply mind blowing.

    Great work.

  2. Hey Mark. The vid has just been hosted on the Vimeo HD channel. Fast approaching 1000 views for the day. Cool hey.

    1. Just saw that mate!

      I have just sent the link to both our US agent and a UK agent, so the numbers should start rocketing up from there!



    1. Yes William,

      Mike nailed that one eh and Christian’s shots just add that little bit more mystique!

      Mike has had over 11,000 hits since he posted it and that was less than a week ago!

      Thanks for watching.



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