6 thoughts on “Here’s a nice simple image of a Boab

  1. I think I prefer this one. They both have a rather ghostly effect to them and look more American Desert than North West WA , or maybe thats just my weird sence.

    Hey Mark, is it my old work lappy screen or is there a series of arched banding in the sky on these ?

    1. Not on my Macbook mate?

      Nice blackboys image mate! Note that I prefer the real name to the politically correct name!



  2. NIce work Mark ! I didn't know they made such a large ranging L zoom, what is it's sharpness like ? And would you still buy one again ?

    1. Yes I would Tony!

      It’s best sharpness is between 50-150mm, but outside of that it is still pretty good.

      Sharpest F stop is F 8.

      It has a very good stabaliser and a push pull type zoom which works well.

      Because it is 28-300 you have a great range in one lense.

      I have seen a number of wedding photographers who swear by it.

      Very good shallow depth performance.

      The 2 main negatives are the it is heavy (good glass) and it vinettes at the higher zoom ranges.

      I have had it for a few years now and back then I paid about 4k for it.



      1. Excellent Mark – thanks for the great feedback. I never realised that they made an L series with such a great focal range.


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