16 thoughts on “Twin Boabs

  1. Hi Mark, couple of nice shots there, light wasn't the best by the look of it but up there you take what you get sometimes!
    Mauve tinge in the sky is a nice touch.


  2. So is it game on for how many Boabs Merv!

    I am up for it,,,I will dig out a shot that probably has 50 or more in it!

    I will have a look at your 3 mate and comment on your site..thanks for visiting and the comment.

    Did you note the competitive side coming out 🙂



    1. I am working on an image now mate that has mote than I can count!

      But we will let the audience ne the judges eh!



    1. Ok mate,

      I should have it finished soon, so will wait for your advice as to when you are ready before posting!



    1. Mate, I am going to have to bail!!

      The image I was thinking of has a crap looking sky. I have been trying to fix it all day and it still looks crap…so mate you win! I will have a look at your site now and post a comment.

      I thought about cropping the sky out but it the image would not be up to std then and I don't want to win with a substandard image!!

      Dinner is on me when we finally meet!



  3. Mate, don't worry about the sky it's the 50 boabs I'm interested in . Mine is a real quick edit and it was windy as hell tonight getting this so I'll take pot luck.

    You're not chickening out are you ?

    Anyway putting mine up now.


  4. That's a big 10-4 big buddy…see you tomorrow!

    Had a good evening with Greggy tonight and we work up the first version of his Eagle Ray, which you now have! I am sure there will be many more versions to come yet!

    See you on the morrow mate!

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