Here’s another Sunrise shot from the Hunter River

Sunrise at the Hunter

This shot took a bit of working up as the sun had just hit some of the cliffs and they were getting blown out very easily.

But it was worth it in the end I think!

The skies especially in this shot are awesome. It is an 8 photo stitch and the large TIFF file is nearly 1 gig!

7 thoughts on “Here’s another Sunrise shot from the Hunter River

  1. Geeze it's nice up there isn't it Mark? I still find it hard to explain to people just how rough the land is up there. Nice pic of the Nine Pin and like the mud in the foreground. Have you thought of putting a gradient through the sky?

    1. I thought the sky had a fair bit going on in any case.

      Are you thinking it could do with one? If so..what colour?



    1. Thanks for both comments Thomas!

      Yes Rotto started the season off with a bang this weekend!

      One of my favourite places on the planet for sure!



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