The Ultimate Fishing Experience

Heli Fishing SIte

Heli Fishing

Here is something different! Interested in the best fishing experience ever?

On True North Kimberley cruises we offer heli fishing excursions where we fly to an area that no one else can get to and fish from a rock ledge for a couple of hours. The last time I did the heli excursion we came back with 17 Baramundi!!

We have a saying on board…’every tackle box should have one’….a helicopter that is!!:)

For sure the most memorable and exciting fishing adventure I have ever had.

I’m Back!!

Trini Castle-2

Well…I am back in one piece…somewhat weary after 41 hours of travel…and down one bag thanks to American Airlines losing it somewhere between Miami and LA!! How do you do that? It is only one stop?

I worked this image up on the way back. Another cool piece of history in Trinadad. Unfortunately I did not have a chance meeting from anyone who knew anything about the history of this one, but I think it is something to do with a Governor’s residence.

Hope you like it!

Trinidad Castle

Trini -Castle

Well finally got out a bit today with my trusty driver and saw some beaches, had some local delicacy for lunch called Bake and Shark and then back home where I managed to get this cool shot of an old Castle house just next to the local Savana (large park).

What was really cool is that whilst looking for the best angle a lady approached me and told me that she was the Great Great Grand Daughter of the builder of this fantastic property!! How cool was that! Her name was Catherine Stolmyer (not sure if I got the spelling right Catherine sorry!

Anyway Catherine went onto say that he Great uncle used to paint from the top window and create these amazing paintings of the Savana.

So a great way to conclude my stay at Trinidad and thanks for the history on the Castle Catherine. If you do drop by please don’t hesitate to either correct my spelling or to add to the story!


True North Mark

Trinidad Sunset

Trini -SS

We have had some pretty cool skies here since I have been in Trinidad, but for sure the sunset this evening was quite something. There was a real passenger carrying Airship cruising around over the Port of Spain and have a look in the foreground…they are building an arts centre that looks very suspiciously like our Opera House!

Apparently the Chinese have designed it and are building the centre and the planned opening is in 6 weeks. They may well have to conjure some of their Chinese magic if they are indeed to achieve that goal!

First image from the ‘Port of Spain’!

Triple Master

Here is the first image I managed to ping off whilst checking out the port fit for a new ferry project I am working on.

These old boats looked very tired and neglected, but I bet they have a few stories to tell from there hey days!!

Very tropical here as it is on the 11th parallel. More to come later in the week when i get a chance to get a bit further afield.