Paynes Find Lake

Paynes Find Lake

Well here is the first of a few posts from a trip we did this week with Christian Fletcher, Dave Bettini and Greg Munyard.

4 blokes with a common passion and interest…a few good jokes and some canned food and some fun was had for sure!

It was almost zero degrees out there yesterday when we woke up and Christian had failed the mission by ‘not dressing for success’!!!

I am sure you will hear some vicious rumours about snoring and the like keeping Christian awake…but I will get in first and deny everything!!

29 thoughts on “Paynes Find Lake

  1. Great shot Mark, This is area is one of my favourite places (not far from where I grew up) and I visit it almost every year and camp as long as I can during wild flower season.

    1. Thanks Thomas,

      Yes indeed a salt bush feel with the lake all but dried up.

      The sunset was quite good really and lucky considering that yesterday was cloudless!



  2. nice one Markie, that little bit of water helps the image. I like the colour tone too.
    As for the snoring, lets just say I have the evidence. Was a great trip even in the cold wet morning air! Till next time mate, cheers!

  3. Hey that is a nice shot Mark, very sweet.

    SO… need to take 3 other guys with you to get some wildflower shots eh !!!!

    You went the wrong way they are nearly finished up there. šŸ™‚

    8pm Sunday ,,,it will be interesting. ( GULP )

    1. Thanks Merv

      I think we did all right up that way!!!

      Time will tell eh! I have my image worked up and ready to go at 2000 hrs on Sunday!!!

      Yep I had a few mates join me as it worked in with some other stuff that was going on.

      I had not been up that wU before and really liked what we saw.

      I reckon I will be back there for sure.



  4. I really like this shot and the area, beautiful! Good work!

    Now I rarely comment without commenting so to speak, but it is all to be taken in a constructive manner and it is only my opinion not gospel šŸ™‚ Anyway, I find the white balance really weird, those clouds look strange! Too yellow and green, need to go warmer in my opinion. The water works really well as a leading line, but the two trees really far left and right are great on their own but they're too far left and right in the composition. And there's a stick right in the middle of the shot (I love simplicity, why I am mentioning this). I would suggest walking a bit forward, walk around a bit and just look for ways to simplify this slightly busy and "too wide" composition.

    Just my 2 … dollars šŸ˜€

  5. Yeah Mark, its good up around that area and beyond, we get up there when we can.

    If I knew you were going i would have dropped the camper on and come to, something we'll do one day maybe.

    Gee I'm not up with inflation or maybe it's the economic crisis but I thought an opinion was 2 cent's worth……just joking Flemming šŸ™‚

  6. Mark,
    Great shot mate and dont read too much into what Albert says, I think he is still a little pissed he aint going to PNG… by the way, approx 960 hours until take off ! ! !

  7. Yep I like it alot Mark. I reckon you have shown the landscape for what it is. And I really like the colour tones as well. There is a fair bit content but I reckon it really works well. – very natural.
    Careful mate you're turning into an artist!
    I'm working on a couple of pics today so will post something soon.
    Was great to meet you too!

    1. Thanks Dave,

      I look fwd to seeing your post and also great to meet you as well.

      Looking fwd to another adventure soon.



  8. Very nice Mark … I like the tones of the land the sky maybe try an orange/brown tone I think you'll find it will compliment it quite well.

    Just my 2.5 cents though …

    Next time you want to head up there give us a shout I am halfway up there being south Geraldton LOL ….



  9. Hey Markie
    I love this shot. It's really nailed, with the dead trees (including the one sitting starkly in the foreground) how salt hammers our Aussie bush. Another example of one that I missed but you created something special out of!
    Off to Rowley Shoals, eh? Man, the True North is an awesome experience. Maria and I both reckon the Kimberley Wilderness Cruise is a bucket list experience. Can't wait for PNG 2010!
    Thanks again for everything, mate.

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