The final Paynes Find Lake Stitch

Harsh Paynes Find

This ones for Bo and Christian! You both commented on my last Paynes Find Stitch that the tree was begging to be more in the picture and that I should have walked around a bit more…well guess what…I did as it turns out and I found this and am pretty excited about it.!!!

Christian it has all the elements as stated by the man last week and it has more. The animal bones close to the waters edge tells the tale of the harsh land and how arid it must become in the summer.

Each of the sections in the picture has its own diagonal as does the main image.

Let me know what you think!

12 thoughts on “The final Paynes Find Lake Stitch

  1. Most people (myself included) go for the sometimes easier shots which showcase a salt lakes simplicity. Your viewpoint is vastly different (and harder to tackle) from mine and CF’s. And I commend you for it. Yep I like it!

    1. Thanks Dave!

      Yep I really like this one a lot, but am going to have another crack at it utilizing some ideas from others…stay tuned.



  2. Thanks for posting this for me mate πŸ™‚ This is a better composition and still a really beautiful scene…but I have to say still room for improvement. I am hard to please I tell ya. It is a hard area to shoot, very messy so you really have to fight for simplicity. I like the tree on the left and the water. The tree on the right that is cut off is not quite so optimal.

    Now bear in mind that this is so much easier to review in hindsight than when you are there. I am constantly looking at my own stuff going "oh why the bloody H did I not walk 2 meters to the left or forward etc". πŸ™‚

  3. Mark I've liked all of these lake shots you've posted, the first one is my preferance though but hey are all very good.

    I'm not sure that sometimes we can get a bit hung up on the composition thing. Sometimes you break the rules and it works just fine.

    I've posted a lake shot on my blog ( everyones doing it πŸ™‚ ) last night and I know it's a bit to busy and it could have been cropped more but to me it works, not perfect but it works. I will go back and get something differant next time.

    Have a look guys and tell me what you think

  4. one word mark stunning

    i love it good composition nice leading line of the creek bringing you out the back of the photo to the hill in the back ground and the large tree just off to the left hand side just sets it up nicely
    very cool


    1. Thanks Phil,

      Yep that is my fav for sure as well and the bit I like the most is the animal skeleton on the left that I think is lost a bit in the scale of the web shots, but I reckon with a big pano it will be a real focus of the image showing just how harsh it is up there when it is totally dry!



  5. on having a second look, I really like it. It has a Rembrant feel to it, lots going on and oh so sharp. It has beautiful soft light too, well done buddy and enjoy TN, now I know how good it is I am going to be as jealous as hell. See ya soon

    1. Thanks mate from one artist to another!

      The full size version rocks and it is fast becoming my fav!

      Onwards to the next adventure!



  6. Markie
    Have just seen this and really love it! I appreciate simplicity but I like the complexity in the foreground.
    Having seen Christian’s comments, I reckon the lovely light gives the elements a softness that allows them to all be there together, without demanding too much attention. Reminds me of how some of those great English artists could put so much in a painting while still making it peaceful.
    Cheers, mate

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