Mike Fletcher to join True North for AIP 2 and more!!!

Well, its official: Mike Fletcher is now also joining Rod Thomas and I on board True North for Adventures in Paradise (PNG cruising) next week.

We can then expect to see some more of Mike’s excellent video work with the Canon 5D MK2 as per his efforts in the Kimberley.

Welcome aboard Mike!

As per previous True North adventures, I will be posting live off the boat as will Rod Thomas who is also joining us.

20 thoughts on “Mike Fletcher to join True North for AIP 2 and more!!!

  1. That is awesome news Mark…… I can wait for this trip to come.. It will be great to meet the both of you and to see how Mike does his amazing video stuff……

    Cya next week and enjoy the pizza on Friday huh

    1. Way to go Rod…not long now mate!

      And Yes Mr. Pixel Pete I am sure that Mike will weave his magic up there!

      PNG is by far the prettiest, friendliest and cleanest country I have ever visited and I used to travel the world selling boats so there are not many places on this planet that I have not been to!

  2. Brilliant, If he can take a vid as good as the last promotional one for the Kimberley it will be sure to see a few more bookings on the boat, ( don't get a big head now Mike) Can't wait to see all the stills and footage as it happens.

  3. Awesome news for you guys!!! but…Ahhh bugger…even more depressed I am not going with you guys now. Copenhagen is wet cold and depressing. Well, had my chance to be onboard. Will do one another time for sure šŸ™‚

    1. Yes it is a shame Bo and I am sure there will be a next time!

      When did you say you were going to be in Perth?



  4. "I'm on a Boat' I'm on a Boat. Mutha F#@*ers I'm on Boat" Maybe we need to do a remake whilst we are in PNG and send it to Christian TeeHee!!!!

    Boy he was green yesterday. Oh well he cant be famous and lucky at the same time. It just goes to show it's not who you know but what you know. Well maybe a bit of both this time.

    Nothing like someone throwing a curve ball in your easy lead up to xmas plans. Thanks Mark you bastard. We are going to have some kick ass fun.

    See you tomorrow arvo.


    1. Cool mate!

      Thanks for being able to respond in the short timeframe and I look fwd to more works of art from Captain Vid!!



  5. im up for making something to send to Christian…
    Cant wait to meet you guys and get some awesome shots and video footage to make everyone jealous… Enjoy pizza night guys and see ya in Cairns next Friday arvo for a nice cold beer ! !

  6. Eventually photogs are going to take over this boat and it's just going to be one big floating party. I'm looking forward to Mike's video – he is surely the Next Big Thing in DSLR video and I'd love to see him land a big project that get's his name up there in lights. I'd REALLY love to see him with a 7D on this trip and put it through it's paces. Look forward to the updates – how about live webcams šŸ™‚

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