Blue Holes PNG

This is a beautiful blue swimming hole we found up at the end of a river. I was told that some French Divers tried to find the bottom and at 60m could still not see the bottom anywhere in sight!

This area gets 6m of rainfall a year so no doubt the constant flow of water must erode out the limestone like there is no tomorrow!

The water a a nice crisp temperature compared to the 29 degrees temperature experienced in the ocean.

19 thoughts on “Blue Holes PNG

  1. Hey Mark, do you visit these places on each trip to PNG ie the blue holes.
    The Canoe Man image is great how clear is that water, must be awesome sight fishing, do you get to do that on the trip.
    So want to go, in your mind what is the best seasonal dates to get to PNG

    1. Hi Adrian

      I think the Blue Holes is one of the regular visits.

      We only cruise there at this time of year.

      You can see exact cruising times on the web



  2. Adrian,

    Sell your kidneys mate, its worth it… just dont go with Mike Fletcher.. hehe
    I had a blast and have had little time since coming home to edit images but have a few on my site. I plan on doing a full review once I get some more images sorted but I honestly believe that only True North goes to the places we went too as it is in the middle of no-where and they have contacts with the local villages which makes it one of the best trips you will ever do……. I think at the moment ebay has no fees for insertions if you want to list your kidneys mate, im planning on selling mine to go again it was that good ! !

  3. You've got such a spread of beautiful images from this trip together with the stories it would make a great photo book to promote the trip. It sounds like the True North adventure is definitely for the active participant and getting amongst the locals looks like a real positive draw card. One more Powerball ………

  4. Hey Mark, thats one cool location, awsome picture, the water looks so inviting. If its deeper then 60M imagine what is down there. One second thoughts maybe dont, it could be anything.

    1. Some French crew tried to find out Dan and could not, I would suggest that it will stay a mystery!



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