Austal Trimaran

I pinged this off the other day whilst down at my old Shipbuilding Company, Austal Image.

This vessel is being built on spec by the parent company Austal Ships. It is over 100m long and will carry about 800 pax and 200 cars at over 40 knots!

The trimaran configuration gives an exceptional ride and really good efficiency due to the long slender centre hull.

Just thought I would break up the PNG images briefly!

I’m Back!!

I am now back home after a great trip in PNG. Managed to work up a couple of images during the flight home.

Mike Fletcher is now sporting a sore knee after trying to keep up with the young ones on the last night in Cairns so that was a bit of an adventure in itself.

The Noipus Tranquility image is of the village where Michelle returned to and the other image was shot just after we landed in the morning and Michelle caught up with her uncle for the first time since she was 6. Many years of emotion just came flooding in.

A very moving thing to watch and I am glad that we were able to facilitate the reunion for her.

Southern PNG

Finally here are a few reasonable efforts I reckon.

Luscernque Islands are simply amazing with some of the most pristine reefs in the world. We met a family out here who had been blown off course and were waiting for the wind to change so they could go home. We gave them some food and water and they were very happy with that. The photo of the family is where they were hiding in the shade waiting for the wind to change!

Tufi villiage is where the sunrise and sunset shots are taken and there is a fantiastic dive resort there run by an expat. The last 2 dives we had over the last 2 days are up there with the best I have done in 5,000 dives!

Our Captain Brad has just returned from the dive somewhat late as they found an outrigger half sunk as he had lost his bailer, so they all got in and help him get it upright. The distances and the weather these guys tackle never ceases to amaze me!

The rain shot is of a PNG boat building factory where they make dug out canoes and also produce the sago flour.

More from PNG

Sorry about the lack of frames, but we have been on the go non stop this trip.

Another 8 gig taken today so there will be plenty of posts to come!

We are in Luscernque Islands at present enroot to Tufi.

Some of the passengers will fly to the Kokoda Memorial tomorrow and we are also getting treated to a paddle up a river in some dug outs as well!




The image with the girl touching the dolphin is Michelle who was the focus of the last post. She is a doctor and is married to a Marine Biologist so she is very omfortable with marine life.

The other image is of some Pikinini’s having fun in the sun!

Been a bit busy today. Took about 10 gigs of shots and then went for a cracker dive thereafter.

Mike and Rod went on a cracker Heli flight over an active volcano and I made a huge blue thinking there was no room for me…and there was…doh!

Both Mike and Rod nailed some great stuff of this volcano crankin’

Day 1 PNG


Mum's Little Monster

A big day yesterday. Left Cairns at 0700 and on the boat just after 1130.

Managed to get a couple of keepers. But tday has been pretty awesome. We had a PNG girl on board who left as a child and has lived in QLD and is now doctor.

She came back to her home village now for the first time and found her aunty and family. Very emotional and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the village.

The litte girl in the shot was at Kevieng airport….very cute!!