Wyadup Streaming Surf

Past sunset and with a near full moon rising Jamie and I were presented with some really nice light to play with. Christian had text us both saying look behind us…but we had both left our phones in the car.

I think we still did pretty well even though perhaps the Dunsborough side might have offered some some more cloud action.

Is this walkin’ the walk CF?

Storm Colours at Eagle Bay and Quindalup

We are down at True North Ashore at Eagle Bay at present and we were treated with an amazing sky show today that lasted for most of the day.

Jamie Paterson and I started the day at 0400 to try and get the sunrise at Sugarloaf Rock, but were beaten by the rain. This afternoon more than made up for it though as we went out to Quidalup and then Wyadup Rocks. I pinged a few off on the way just down from True North Ashore.

Christian was balling as he had home duties assigned…next time mate!

Leading Lines at Bunkers Bay

It is quite amazing that this shot is not either an aerial shot or has lots of black dots all over it, as when I took it I felt sure I was being carried away by the flies down at Bunkers Bay! :}

No doubt one of the most beautiful bays in the South West if not in WA total.

The flies can be a menace at this time of year though!

A Skydiving Farewell to Youngy!!!

The reason I was in the area of Matilda Bay last Friday was that there was a memorial jump for an old mate who died recently of Cancer. His name was Ian Young and he was the Chief Instructor of Hillman Farm Skydivers for many years, back when that was my dropzone.

Hillman Farm is still operational and is located down past Williams and near Darkan.

Youngy wanted his ashes to be scattered over the park in front of Steve’s hotel where we did so many jumps over the years.

The crew on the last jump had his ashes in the bag and then just before break off they set Youngy free to forever fly and be free at Steves.

It was a sad reason for being there, but it was also good to see a bunch of Skydiving mates that I haven’t seen for a while.

The photos are of GT..closest to the target as always, Toots…the most delightful lady you will ever meet…she always has a smile on her face and she runs Toot’s cafe at Skydive Express and then there was Clive Meakans…a long time Hillman Farm supporter and very much a character in his own right!

These are a just a cross section of the better shots I took as there were 2 loads of 14 that jumped into Steve’s park last Friday evening.

Man Small…Why Fall…Skies Call…That’s All