Cool River in PNG

This is one of my favourite excursions in PNG. There is a torrent of freezing cold fresh water raging out of the mountain side being fed by the 6m rainfall in the area. The cool water is so refreshing and as it meets the 29 degrees salt water a nice little peak is formed for some good body surfing.

The people come down from the highlands and travel for 2 days to meet us.

Once again very humbling.

23 thoughts on “Cool River in PNG

  1. Love the shot…
    Did you use any filters for this shot? Also what equipment and setting did you use?
    Great Work!!!

    1. Hi Luke,

      Thanks for the comments mate: I used an ND filter to get a shutter speed of about 1.6 seconds from memory Luke. Canon 1Ds MK3 with a 50mm prime at F8 on a Gitzso tripod with a Manfrotto head and about an 8 shot pano stitch with PT Gui.



  2. Hi Mark,

    This is just such a sweet image. I love the white rocks contrasted against those beautiful blues. I could just imagine putting a deckchair in the water and relaxing.


    1. Yes Jamie but reality was that inbetween shooting this shot and a few others I was saving a couple of the ladies from a rip!

      They were ok but the wTer flow out of this river was quite strong and they just couldn't get across it…so off to the rescue I went!



  3. Check out the colour of that water! Reminds me of the waterfall on the Roaring Burn on the Milford Track, NZL. The water was so clear that we jump in for a swim, even though it was fed by ice melt and only a few degrees!

    1. Hey Tom

      Thanks fro dropping by mate…nice to hear from a legend from the East!



  4. I like this one Mark – very exotic and refreshing feel to it! It definitely looks like a special place 🙂

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