Tufi Village

The Tufi Village was probably the most up to date and also the most advanced. The Chief even had a TV and radio in his shack!

The view shown above is the view not far from the Chief’s house. We are talking about seriously multi million dollar views here any where else on the planet.

You can see the standard Thunderclouds forming and even raining off in the distance

10 thoughts on “Tufi Village

    1. Hey Hodgy

      Yep, no shortage of excellent views around this place!

      Jut working up another one now!



  1. great spot hey, nice clean shots and colours mate. Would like to have seen more sky in the top one but it still works as is. I wonder if anyone has tried to film a movie there, other than Michael that is!!!

  2. I like that bottom one mate, it has a bit of everything , white clouds , blue sky , blue water and green landscape, that would print up nice. It's a KD looking shot.


    1. Thanks Merv,

      But I would consider it more of a compliment if you said it was a CF looking shot!



      1. Gee I'd like to help you out there Mark but it'more of a KD shot to me.

        I'd take the KD compliment mate , I don't hand em out to often …he.he.he.:)

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