8 thoughts on “True North Sunset at Kevieng PNG

    1. Thanks Matt..yes I am kinda lucky I guess…but I am a firm believer that one makes ones own luck I reckon! I don’t follow footy or cricket and am always out doing something when the Grand Finals are on, like Surfing at Rotto or something like that. My motto is ‘it aint a rehearsal’!! So I therefore make the most of everyday as best I can.

      Thanks for tuning in mate!

    1. Yes it was a great colour that evening.

      I am always unsure whether to leave the boat more as a silhouette or to bring it out as you say, with the risk of it looking unnatural.

      You obviously think the boat should be brighter yeah??



          1. Had a crack at it Neal, but way too noisy to bring up any lighter.

            I think it might be one of those number 2 images!

            Thanks for the input.

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