Wyadup Streaming Surf

Past sunset and with a near full moon rising Jamie and I were presented with some really nice light to play with. Christian had text us both saying look behind us…but we had both left our phones in the car.

I think we still did pretty well even though perhaps the Dunsborough side might have offered some some more cloud action.

Is this walkin’ the walk CF?

8 thoughts on “Wyadup Streaming Surf

  1. Hi Mark,

    We've made it home safe and sound minus the car. šŸ™ It was great fun shooting with you last night. It was interesting to see how we have very different interpretations of the same subjects. Its great to see others in action.


    1. Thanks Jamie and glad to hear you made it back ok.

      Yes it is what makes us all different eh and how we see things differently.

      Always good to go out with another keen member for sure!

      Until next time mate…..



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