Gallows Surf Break

We went down to Augusta today and on the way called into Gallows which was quite picture perfect.

Only about 8 guys out and I managed to get a few nice waves. There was one agro bastard out there which spoiled it a bit, but all in all, beautiful conditions.

Gallows is one of those 4wd only access breaks and as such does not get the crowds that some of the other breaks gets.

8 thoughts on “Gallows Surf Break

  1. nice one

    the reason its crooked is because he was too keen on getting out into the surf and was too busy getting his wetty on

    love the shot mate


    1. Yes it was a good surf Graham apart from the arsehole out in the water trying to grab every wave for himself!!!

  2. Hi Mark – It didnt get any better than that last wave you saw me on at Stark last week, but caught a couple more. The flies must have been bad at EB – i see your place up for sale in the Weekend Australian!
    cheers Kim.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I am pleased to hear that mate as I felt a bit silly leaving so early but was conscious of Mark roasting in the tender.

      Good to catch up after so many years. Hope to see you out at Rotto some more!



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