South Fremantle Power Station

I took this the other morning after the CY O’Connor shoot..had to be done!

Heritage building my butt…just a friggen eyesore sitting on prime real estate! I just don’t get it, why is it that Fremantle can’t expand down though here and lose this dilapidated building so that we can maximize our limited and precious water front???

27 thoughts on “South Fremantle Power Station

  1. Hey Mark yes the land is a waist, how may years did it take for the East Perth P/Station take before redevelopment got off the ground? What sort of crap do they pump into the ground below a power station. Is there or was there any environmental impact after this place shut down. Just imagine if you lived there, your vegie garden would be going off and you could most likely see in the dark, bugger the Nikon just move here 😉
    Cheers Adrian

  2. I've never seen the power station myself but it sure looks like one enormous eyesore. Though apparently it is a good place to shoot music videos 😀

    It looks like the graffiti artists have made it their own too. I can't help wondering how they got to some of the higher spots to place their tags…

  3. Hey Mark, gotta agree it is a bit bloddy ugly, did you go inside or just on the outside. If they were to rip it down I wonder what they would put there. there is a small bit of industry behind it, a potato factory thing. Isnt it a bit close to the water for apartments. couldnt imagine the price if thats what they did with it.

    1. Hi Dan

      I reckon another marina would be perfect with some resturants and shops.

      I did go inside and got a few pics that I might post if they come up ok



  4. aparently it is haunted too, so I was told by some nutters who went in there at night and heard all this moaning and said they had stuff thrown at them. They may have been on drugs though! I like the old place, it takes me back to my childhood driving past after swimming lessons at Coogee Beach.

    1. Thanks Jamie

      Great to catch up again and I le the idea of coming down your way…maybe when it cools off a bit.

      I have just posted some more Rotto images.



  5. Hey Mark, I met you on the rotto trip… just wondering how you get up to the old power station. I was down there the other day but it was all pretty well fenced… ? I was hoping it would look better close up?

    Cheers, Charles

    1. Hi Charles,

      The fence on the southern end is laying over and easily navigated.

      Let me know how you go!


  6. Come on Mark, I know you have to be polite to people who post on this page, but you can’t possibly believe this place is ugly! Why are you photographing it then? …Port Coogee, now that is ugly.
    Love the photos.

  7. I know where you are coming from Lincoln and for sure it is cool, but in its current state no one can get legal access to it.

    Now if they made it safe and made it available for street art and the occasional exhibition, now that would be cool!

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