Is it a bird…is it a plane…no it's super quad from Cybertech!!!

This is the quad fan UAV designed by Josh in my previous post that took the aerial shots of my house. You have to see this thing flying to believe it and the camera is gyro controlled and fully stabilized!

The second shot is showing the pilot Mike and the inventor Josh watching it come into land.

The last shot is the screen that the pilot uses to see where the machine is going once it is out of sight and it is also he live view shot of the camera.

27 thoughts on “Is it a bird…is it a plane…no it's super quad from Cybertech!!!

    1. 12 megapixel Dave and full HD.

      They used one of these machines to sus out the oil platform damage recently, which shows the versatility of the concept!



  1. Extra cool, have you seen the new quadcopter coming out from Parrot, Mark? Not wanting to steal your thunder at all, but I suspect that this one would be out of our price range for a 'toy'.

  2. I saw one of these the other day , the possibilities with one of these are almost endless.

    These guys are turning out some amazing stuff.

  3. I am sort of glad they are restricted to 130m, that could do a little bit of damage to us light aircraft. I suppose we would have to report it as a bird strike…
    What is the distance that they are capable of.

  4. Thats good I thought I might be out of a job…I have got to admit it would be fun to fly it and it definitely as its uses.

    1. DId not see any other comment William? Not owning..CEO and Director of Cybertech Coax a JV company to Cybertech!

      Yes indeed they are cool eh!

  5. Sweet Mark,
    I saw on the news a few weeks back that a wedding photographer uses one in Adelaide.
    It would be interesting for looking at Peregrine Falcon nests high up in the cliffs here, only I think the Peregrine might take care of it.

  6. Bring it on! The sooner technologies like this get out, the sooner poor smucks like me can stay on the ground to shoot motor sports, rather than puke out the door of helicopters flying sideways through the desert!

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