22 thoughts on “Sunrise at the Basin-Rottnest Island

  1. Top quality selection of shots here Mark. Keep this up and YOU will be hosting photo tours on your own boat!!

  2. Love this one mark. I rekon you could get a pretty amazing crop out of the left two thirds. From just above the main clouds to somewhere in the reef. Focus in on the rocks and lighthouse and clouds. What ya think?

    1. Thanks for the comments Jamie and Matt.

      I will have a look when I get back Matt and see about the crop option and revert. On the iPhone just now!



    2. Hi Matt again…I had a look at your 2/3 crop idea and feel that there are a number of elements in the larger version that make the overall feel of the shot, such as the lighter clouds in the top right hand corner…but it is all subjective at the end of the day and 'what ever floats your boat' as they say!

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Was worth a look anyway! I guess im just drawn to the rays of light shining down on to the headland. Like Sandy below said, one of the best shots ive seen of The Basin also. Theres no doubt your blog is one of the most inspiring with the amount you post. Im sure i can say for everyone on here that it makes us all want to go out and shoot more!!!

    1. Gidday Rodney…lucky you pulled back from the first comment ya hack!!

      Just kiddin'

      Bo had a ball and I think he is now a Rotto convert. I even got him snorkeling twice!

    1. Hi Peter,

      It did look like it was going to be OK, but a little hard to tell 1/2 hour before sunrise!

      As they say f8 and be there is a very good starting point of getting a good pic eh!

      Thanks for the comment Peter

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