Flemming Bo Jensen at work at Rottnest

Well here he is at work…the famous Flemming Bo Jensen who joined me at Rottnest last weekend.

He is standing on top of the lookout overlooking Geordie Bay. We had some nice light for the shoot and some pretty cool looking cloud as well.

After this it was back to a mates boat for a great BBQ of steak and whiting!!

6 thoughts on “Flemming Bo Jensen at work at Rottnest

  1. Great colours Mark. Your latest post is also very moody. Sounds like Bo had a great time. Where's he off to now?
    I'm off to the Kimberley on Friday so probably won't be dropping by for a while….
    Keep up the good work mate!


  2. Cool image Mark ! Your passion for rotto is awesome and you’d be a great guide there I’d think !

    tone šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Tone,

      Yep I reckon that I know Rotto as good as anyone considering I have been going there now for 37 years!

      I started off teaching horse riding over there every weekend as a kid and since then have been surfing diving and fishing around the island…and more recently…taking photos!

      Thanks for dropping by Tone!

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