Greggy’s Kimberley shots of me in action!

On Kimberley Trip 13 when we had Christian and Mike onboard, Greg Munyard and Maria came along to learn and have some fun. Greg and Maria were on every excursion with us and were up for all the early morning shoots. Greg captured me in action at Raft point shooting the whales and also in various locations up top of Raft Point for the heli breakfast.

Greg and Maria are joining us again this year on PNG 1, together with Christian and they are also on trip 1 for the Kimberley next year and the start of the Kimberley cruising season when the waterfalls are at their very best, not to mention the afternoon thunderstorms every day.

Anyone keen to join us!!!!

Fremantle Power Station Graffiti

I am not a fan of Graffiti in any way, but I guess in a derelict building such as this is one area where perhaps it can be condoned and perhaps even fostered as a way to get it off the streets.

There is some serious talent in amongst some of these artists and they should have an area like this where they can explore their talents without defacing public and private property.

I think the stylising has worked pretty well…hope you like it!

CY O’Connor Beach Wreck

Going back through my CY O’Connor Beach shots, I found this little gem lurking in there. I have noted the CY O’Connor is also up there in the Google search words…so here it is! This is the bow section of the wreck that is down at CY O’ Connor Beach and the statue in the background is the one of CY O’Connor on the horse.

PNG Jungle Canoe

This is a typical scene from up some of the Rivers in PNG. We were up the creek, but with a paddle this time 🙂 and in that creek was a Sago plantation where the tribespeople make their sago flour. The palms in the background are Sago palms.

The scene has a fair bit going on in it but it does grown on you after a while. It took me a couple of hours to work it up and I nearly threw it out a couple of times….but I kinda like it now!

Determined Canoe Boy

I was attracted to take a shot of this little guy as he had no bow on his canoe and he had a look of determination on his face like he was on a very serious mission!

He paddled around True North for a while and still managed to keep this bowless canoe upright and without taking water!