Shark Bay Lookout Facing North

On the way up with the Christian Fletcher convoy we were presented with these amazing clouds. So off to a lookout that Christian knew of and I managed to ping off this shot and another one to the South that I will post in a mo.

I am particularly happy with this one and Peter Eastway was quite complimentary of it…thanks Peter…if you happen to pass by!

Hancock Gorge Lower Falls

This amazing water fall is at the bottom of Hancock Gorge at Karijini Western Australia.

It can only be accessed by joining the Guides at the Eco Resort as there are some water slides to be conquered as well as a bit of abseiling, but a great day out for sure.

These falls flow into an area known as the ‘Centre of the Earth’ and for sure it feels like you are in the centre!

Karijini Lightning Fields

We were on the way to Dales George in Karijini when we spotted this field that had recently been hammered by a fire or a large lightning storm and this perspective caught my eye. In fact Brent Pearson, Peter NG, Tony Armstrong and myself opted to stay on this located for a couple of hours rather than going into the george.

The light and the colours were really going off which made for a very memorable sunset as mother nature settle into her night mood!

New growth had already started with these wonderful greens against the reds and burned look of  the landscape.

Back from Karijini

We are now back from a great few days at Karijini and after a killer 14 hour drive are now kicking back after a nice long bath!

The trip was awesome and we all learned heaps as well as meeting some cool passionate photographers who were also up at Christian’s workshops.

These first 2 images are of a model shoot that Brent Pearson and I did in Hancock George. Brent has recently been putting models into landscapes and I really like the concept and will be exploring the concept further.

The model is Tahlea who was working at the Eco Retreat at Karijini and she graciously agreed to be a mermaid for us.

She was a natural for sure.

More to come soon!!!