18 thoughts on “Vertical View of the Hobart Organ Pipes

  1. hey Mark,
    Great perspective and I love the cloud up top. I think Hobart would be one of, if not the most spectacularly located state capital in the country. Mt Wellington (or 'the mount' as it gets called) is an awesome backdrop on the edge of the city and dominates where ever you are. Peter Dombrivskis (one of the best landscape photographers in the history of Australia) has some purely amazing images of the place and these organ pipes with snow and ice crystals.

    tone 🙂

    1. Thanks Tone,

      Yes I agree and I will certainly be going back there late in June for a couple of weeks, so will see what I can get then.



  2. Hey Mark, agree with previous comments, new perspective is always challenging yet refreshing, well done for looking up !
    Cheers Adrian

  3. Mate,

    That is seriously cool. Made me feel like I was looking up and got dizzy! I hate heights and was crapping myself when I drove up Mt Wellingtion earlier in the year in one of those motorhomes. I'm heading back to Tassie in September.


  4. Sweet image love the single cloud aspect to the rock face … I like it because of the softness of the cloud as an opposite to the hard edge and straight lines of the rock face, makes it all the more interesting … You know I'm going to ask ….. But have you tried a B&W like CF's melbourne skyscrapper treatment?

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