Hancock Gorge Lower Falls

This amazing water fall is at the bottom of Hancock Gorge at Karijini Western Australia.

It can only be accessed by joining the Guides at the Eco Resort as there are some water slides to be conquered as well as a bit of abseiling, but a great day out for sure.

These falls flow into an area known as the ‘Centre of the Earth’ and for sure it feels like you are in the centre!

11 thoughts on “Hancock Gorge Lower Falls

    1. Yep this was for sure one of the better water fall Shots I got Jamie!



  1. Beautiful shot indeed Mark I would have liked to have shot it with a 6 stop grad to get an awesome soft look to the water but that is why we are all individuals hey.
    Still spewing I couldn't make it.

    1. Mate if you saw where I was taking this shot, you might agree that such luxuries were not quite available!



    1. Yes Tim, I would rate the guided tour for sure. Dan was very patient and allowed us as much time as we needed to take shots and the place is very specky!

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