9 thoughts on “Shark Bay Lookout Facing South

    1. Pretty cool eh!

      You learn some cool tips on Christian's workshops eh!



      1. Pretty cool doesn't match what I'm thinking mate this looks unreal the detail and sharpness of the clouds is amazing well done I might have to go and see CF when I get back home and try and get some tips lol.
        Love your work Mark keep it up.

  1. Some 30,30,30 USM goes a very long way with clouds 😀 Adds a lot of definition and mid range contrast to clouds.

    I would not add more sharpening though, this looks way too sharp for my eyes, the clouds I mean. Clouds are amazing in this shot but they look like they could cut glass 🙂

  2. There is definitely something biblical happening with these clouds. They are pretty captivating in this image.

    1. Yeah pretty cool eh Muzz! All the lads were looking West but these clouds were calling me I tell ya!

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