Thunder Storm over Cockburn Sound

I was out on sea trials today and witness a great display of a very picturesque thunderstorm brewing over Rockingham and the Grain Silos.

Couple that to a very glassy afternoon which made for some great photo opportunities.

As usual I had my trusty 1D with me and was able to capture a few images…hope you like it…another should pop out soon!

Lancelin Dunes


I had a ruch of blood today and thought that I might take a drive up to Lancelin to shoot the full moon and the sand dunes.

Not such a good idea..I felt like I was in the middle of a scene from Mad Max!!!

There was a huge number of young testosterone filled dudes with cars and bikes tearing up the dunes as fast as they could!

I managed to salvage these couple of shots in amongst the mayhem!

I wonder what’s around that corner???

This was taken half way up the falls at Hancock on the day out with Brent and our guide Dan. Dan is looking around the corner and I remember when I was taking this shot….indeed what is around that corner and how much further we had to go!

As it was we were all lugging our cameras out and clicked into the tripods, so the climb was made somewhat more difficult than it normally would have been!

Austal Trimaran on Rocks

When I went down to go on Sea Trials this morning, I found the Austal Trimaran was sitting hard up against the rock wall as it had broken its moorings due to the tide surge and winds during last nights storm.

I managed to ping these off and got very wet in the process.

It is not every day you see a $100,000,000 boat on the rocks!

Yep that’s right people, this vessel is worth more than most Super Yachts!

Red Gorge Reflections

This image is for Neal and Bo!!!

Gents, this is the reason why you venture down in the gorges! I found it lurking in my Knox Gorge files that I had not looked at yet and it is one of the many cool spots that Brent and I saw during the day out with our guide.

Hope you guys like the shot and perhaps it might entice you to look more into the gorges in future when you are next in the area!