Christian and his Red Hot Phase One!!!

This is the result of a light painting exercise we did with the light painting guru…the man himself…Brent Pearson!!!

Brent runs a really good light painting tutorial and I am sure we all came away being a lot wiser about some of the techniques Brent uses.

Christian got the job of being the man in the shot and as it turned out the shot made a ‘burning highlight’ of the Phase!

Thanks for the tut their Brent!

Bright RIver Colours

Carrying on with the Bright theme, I found this one lurking that was taken right on sunrise from memory…although it was pretty foggy as you can see.

The colours that were buried in this image are quite amazing and I was quite surprised with what I ended up with from where I started!

Some of Jenna’s work!

Here is a cross section of some of Jenna’s work. As mentioned in a previous post about my logo, Jenna is the daughter of some very close friends of ours and after the post about my logos she has already picked up a couple of jobs from fellow bloggers!

The power of the blogs eh! The band shot is of her Brother, who is also very talented and he is the lead guitarist in a band called One Tiger Down. Keep an eye out for them as they are all very good.

Jenna has shown some true passion and talent her introduction into photography and is for sure on her way to stardom somewhere in the world of Photography.

Well done Jenna and I look fwd to seeing your next assignments!