Epson Pano Awards-Bronze Award!

Hi Everyone,

It has just come though that I have won my first award with the Essence of Life image I shot at Paynes Find with Christian, Dave Bettini and Greggy Munyard.

This is the first competition I have ever entered and even though I haven’t won anything yet…I kinda like the feeling…might have to look into doing this a bit more. I still have one more image yet to be judged so who knows, I might even crack a prize of some sort…now that would be cool!

37 thoughts on “Epson Pano Awards-Bronze Award!

  1. Congrats, Should have been a goldly for this one Mark, I love it.
    I managed a bronze with one I entered as well which was better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

    1. Thanks Pete…well done on your Bronzie as well mate…looking fwd to seeing the image that won the accolade!

    1. Thanks Tone…yep its one of my favs for sure!

      I gave it to a mates wife as a canvas and she was very moved by it as she is a real country girl and could very much relate to its meaning.

    1. Thanks as always Andrew, Bo and Matt. I very much appreciate the feedback and support you guys have given me since I started the blog.

  2. Nice one Mark

    Lovely image and congratulations.

    You do work hard on improving your photography, so it's nice to see that the judges appreciate it.


    1. Thanks Brent,

      As Yoda says:'there is only do, or do not, there is no try'!



  3. Yay for Mark. Well done mate!
    If I do recall a few weren't sure of this shot when you first posted it. Well done for believing in your work and sticking to your guns.
    Bask in the glory dude!

    1. Basking I am Dave, but salivating for gold now!

      The first comp I went in for Skydiving I won a bronze as well.

      For 8 years after that I got gold and in various disciplines so I probably have 20 or more gold medals in Skydiving!



  4. Really nice image Mark – congratulations on your award. Nice maintenance of tonal variation despite the subdued colours – somehow very peaceful image.

  5. good on you Markie, however it should have been a silver, you were robbed by the judges!! now a Phase could take this shot!! It might have just a little more detail, ok a bloody lot more, still thinking you should get one soon mate. Good you have the taste of competition again, we will work together on your next awards image and see if it can't get up and go gold! Maybe in the 300 awards if your allowed to enter!!

    Muzz, your reading from an art book aren't you. Your last two comments are just a piss take of the whole art scene, I know it and love it. More of your art critic gems please! "Nice maintenance of tonal variation" hehe

    1. Christian, I would be too hard on a Phase I just know it!

      Any assistance will be most welcome for the future!



  6. I'm the guy you graciously gave some photography tips to today in Hobart's mall.

    A total amateur sees an 'edge of time' look in this photo, added to by that calming diffused greyness.

    1. Thanks Danny,

      Glad to be of some assistance. This shot is for sure one of my favourites so you have gone straight to the top there mate!

      Enjoy your 500d as I am sure you will.


      True North Mark!

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