10 thoughts on “Full Moon over Barrack Street Jetty

      1. we weren't so lucky here on the Gold Coast, we had high cloud covering the moon so no nice moon rise over this way maybe next month when im at Fraser Island

        1. Yep its all the luck of the draw Darren!

          It felt quite different waiting for a sunset with no clouds at all in the sky!

  1. Mark, I really like this. Unfortunately, I've obviously been under a rock for the last few days 'cos I didn't even now it was coming! Anyway, the moonrise coming up over the Darling Scarp as I headed up the 'hill' to a friends for dinner did look spectacular. Well done on capturing it!

  2. As you know Flemming and I have very different POVs when in comes to composition. hehe. I actually like this photo because to me its simplified a shot that could've been full of the CBD and instead drawn our attention to the moon and just shown a touch of the freeway and the end of the Barrack St Jetty.

    As always that is what makes our art a great thing.


    1. Likin that you like it there Jamie!

      Lookin fwd to the awesome Rotto shots mate..bring it on son!

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