The story behind Mark Stothard and what motivates me!!!

Inspiration and Motivation

This evening a couple of my loyal bloggers encouraged me to write a bit of a story behind my photographic journey and to also describe what inspires and motivates me, so I set to work.

It came out a bit longer than I would have liked, but the only way I could see to have the story to make sense was to go through a bit of history of my life.

I hope you like the read and get something from it!!

Lorikeet in Flame!!!

Driving around today I noticed this little scene on the side of the road so I upset the local garbo and pulled over on the side of the road (somewhat blocking his access) and proceeded to capture this moment.

Unfortunately the garbo managed to scare off my beautiful scene pretty quickly so I was only able to get this and 2 other shots, but I quite like the way the Flame Tree flowers are cradling the Lorikeet.

Mt Hotham’s Dead Forrest

As I just mentioned in a comment on one of my posts, I do like to go back over RAW files to see what I have missed and I often dig up some GOLD here and there and I think this one is no exception.

I quite like the various tones and the different perspective from previous panos from this location. This cripple at the time had to endure a good half hour and very slow climb up over a hill and far away (or it seemed like that) in order to find this perspective.

It is obviously a ski run during the season as the poles descending down the hill are there to support T bars I reckon.

The cloud and the light coming over the hill made for some nice light in this image.