Trinidad Water Taxis…built by Austal Ships

The Trinidad Water Taxi project is now drawing to a close will all vessels now being Technically Accepted by us as the Owners representatives for the Trinidad Government.

These vessels came out really well and we are very impressed with the overall finish and performance.

41m long, 405 passengers, 37.5 knots at 90% of the available horsepower out of 4 x 1440 kw MTU 16V2000M72 main engines driving through Ka Me Wa water jets.

9 thoughts on “Trinidad Water Taxis…built by Austal Ships

  1. Awesome looking Vessels indeed Mark I was down that way this afternoon and had a quick look at them from a far anyway couldn't get very close I was trying to get an image of the water cannon being used close by but was to far away so went and got some of the old power station instead :). Nice image to Mate.

  2. Very Impressive vessals indeed ! If you are throwing them about I'll grab the one on the right 😛 🙂

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