24 thoughts on “Bruny Island Neck

  1. I am not quite sure it works for me as an image but still, it is surely intriguing because that is one crazy view and perspective. Not often one sees a neck lookout like that and almost mirrored image in real life from left to right.

  2. works for me Mark, i like the composition and feel of it. i wonder what it would look like without the walkway? bit of content aware fill perhaps?

    1. Thanks Dave…did you see the little guy just about to walk onto the stairs…gives the image a fair bit of scale!

  3. I love this stretch of beach you have captured mark. Pity re the light but still cool perspective

    1. Yep totally agree Adrian…not much I could do about the light on the day though!



    1. Thanks for the comment again Neal..and this one surprises me a bit as it is not one I thought you would rate!



      1. I'm a sucker for wide open landscapes so this one caught my attention … I like the pov and its a place in Tassie you dont see a lot of images from … Sure it could be a blazing sunrise sunset, but I kinda like the winter feel of this capture and this is how it looks for 9 months of the year being tassie …

        1. Cool Neal….it was a shame the day wasn't kinder to me as there for sure are some great shooting opportunities over there. You could spend a few days there I reckon and do some serious hiking to get to the good stuff!

  4. I have 10 days hiking and tenting coming up in Tasmania with my brother which we planned around March this year so its finally getting a little closer … Just hoping it is cold and white in the alpines when we get there …

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