South Perth Sunset

I don’t know how many of you photogs out there got out last night, coz as you can see above it was pretty awesome!

I know that Matty Saul failed the mission by promising to watch the Eagles lose again with some of his mates!

It looks like Jamie got out as I have seen a cool shot he got at Blackwall Reach…nice shot by the way mate!

Well…here are my contributions. I woke up just before sunrise and realised I had totally failed the mission as there was a sunrise of epic proportions developing and I was stuck at home miles from any decent photo opportunities…doh!

So I promised myself that if those clouds were still hanging around at sunset…then lookout…and sure enough vola!

Hope you like them troops!

Shot with my trusty 17mm Tilt Shift. The top image was a 2 image stitch.

50 thoughts on “South Perth Sunset

  1. Epic fail on my behalf! What a sunset. Tonight looked good too but I was at the pub. Doh! Good job on masking that pelican in too! :p

    1. Epic fail indeed my man!

      Rule 1 of photography…F8 and be there!!! a And what mask mate….that was the second Pelican after the iPhone shot!

  2. Truly epic mate! Only in WA, what a stunning sunset. I like how you were able to quickly capture the pelican as well and hit it with some fill flash too, now that is fast good work mate 😀

  3. Saw the sunset on the box watching the footy and was wondering who would be out capturing it…..shouldn't need to wonder really. Nice work mate!

  4. Hey Mark,

    I love that first photo, the colours and the reflections in the water are just awesome. It was just an awesome sunset all around, I loved the fact that it lasted for at least 20mins and was so intense. Unlike the normal 30 second sunsets we have in Perth.


  5. Sure was an awesome sunset Mark. I was up in Lancelin and it was as imppressive up there! Will post a couple of shots i got soon:) Loving these ones thought Mark!

    1. Thanks Stve and Jo,

      Bummer to be at work Jo!

      Steve, do you have a blog..if so what's the address mate!



    1. Thanks Col…I noted on Jamies blog that you had come across my shots, so thanks for that. I look fwd to seeing your video. Drop me a line when you get it up.



  6. Hey mate I knew you would be out there. I was preparing a dinner party and I was standing out the back of my place with Skye cursing and just watching it going OFF.
    She actually said I bet Markie mark is out there and sure enough. Bastard 😉
    You nailed it mate and that 17 TS is awesome

    1. Yeah mate…you can bank on Markie Mark being there given half a chance!!!

      And yep lovin the tilt shift as well.

      Thanks for visiting Adrian.

  7. Thanks Dan…good luck in the comp mate…I see you have registered some interest with Christian!

    1. Thanks Tone!

      Yep the planets aligned for me that night for sure!

      I set out to go South, but the clouds looked better North, so i turned right instead of left. Then the Perth water where I was gonna go was whipped up a bit with a Nor Easter blowing and on the way there I saw the South Perth jetty and thought…'that could be cool'…the rest is history!

      1. Yep it's often best to go with the moment rather than pre conceived ideas or plans – nature controls the light show not us ! that water with it's smoothly vibrant texture is sublime !

  8. Saw it…but couldn't do anything about it 🙁 I was hoping someone out there was making the most of it and you obviously were…love the top shot!

    1. Thanks Sandy..nothing worse than seeing it and not being able to do anything.

      That was me in the morning!!!



    1. Mr Parin…great to hear from you buddy!

      And thanks for the kind comments. Have you been getting out yourself lately?

  9. Mark, what can I say…….for one, you never sit still, I think it's a condition, ADHD maybe?? 😉
    Awesome stuff Mark, well done on the image. I was camped 80 k's north of Meekatharra when this was happening!!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      No I do not have ADHD, I am just a very focused and passionate individual who believes in doing things once and right.

      I have based a number of businesses on this phylosophy that have all been successful.

      I also have been at the high end of a number of sports with the same drive.

      When I find something I am passionate about there is no doing anything by halfs and photography is for sure my passion now.

      Thanks for the comment Jamie and maybe this will explain what drives me!



      1. Mark, I know what drives you, that's why you have been so successful. The comment wasn't meant to be taken the wrong way!! You should know not to take me seriously by now!!
        Your passion shows in your work. Well done!!

        1. I didn't take it the wrong way at all Jamie, but decided to go into some detail as to what drives me as my drive often surprises people.

          Thanks for your comments as always mate, and rest assured I was not offended in any way!



      2. Hi Mark, you should write a post one day about passion, drive and motivation, how you got into photography and how quickly you have improved your images etc. Would be really inspirational, you are one brilliant inspirational person to hang out with my friend!

    1. I'll come over your way mate and we will go in one car I reckon…happy to use mine if you like.

      Send me your address and I'll plan to be there at 1400.

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