14 thoughts on “Canal Rocks Black and White

  1. I heard they had found water on mars !
    Great detail and those clouds are awesome Cheers Adrian

  2. nice Markie, I would like to see the top clouds brought up a bit, i.e. more conyrast. I know you have darkened the sky but the white clouds have got a bit grey. Just an idea. I posted up details of the true north prize on the blog mate.

    1. Ta mate…I'll look at those tips for sure!

      I will also look at the True North bit on your blog.



    1. Thanks Muzz…the coour version was pretty tame and I actually passed it over a few times…but then thought about Black and White and yep it worked I think!

      I have found it pays to go back over your RAW shots a few times as there is often GOLD lurkin in the background eh!

      Mt Hotham Colours being case in point!

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