Up up and Away!

Hey troops….I will be offline for a while as I am off to Trinidad from Thursday for at least 10 days.

I might get to work up a few images during the 43 hours of travel I have ahead of me (each way), but I know from my previous trip over there the place is not what I would class as paradise…in fact far from it!

Stay safe and happy snapping whilst I am gone!

I am off to the Rowley Shoals again shortly after I get back and will be posting live off the True North again, so something to look fwd to for my loyal blogging mates!

Sun-worshipper 2

Once again the first shot I took at the canal rocks shoot and I spent a bit of time on this image. There is a lot going on in here with the water movement being almost perfect, the strong diagonals the amazing colours on the rocks on the other side of the canal, the photographer setting up his tripod and the water rushing in on the bottom left corner. It is a 10 image stitch with the 50mm L series.

Toodyay Ruins

Did you miss me? šŸ™‚

Sorry I have not posted for a while…I have been busy starting to move from Oakford to East Freo after living on 6 acres for 20 years!!

This image has been sitting on my desk top as a colour shot for a few weeks now and just tonight I thought I would have a crack at Black and White. Jamie showed us this little gem on the way out to Toodyay.

Central Coast Sunset

I had to go to Geraldton on business yesterday and on the way back this sensational sunset was developing. Driving…driving…looking looking and trying to pick the best place to stop.

This scene presented itself and I am sure it should appeal to my good buddy Bomontaruny…seeing as it is wide open spaces!

Hope you like it!

Sunset Worshipers!!!

I ducked down south on Saturday arvo and caught up with my shooting buddy Ian Wise at Canal Rocks just before sunset.

There was another couple of sunset worshipers on the top of the other rocks, which gave this photo some scale…hence the title!

It is a very cool spot down at Canal Rocks and it looks different every time I go there. This time we were able to get to the North set of rocks so we were able to get the 4 cross channels coming together.

South Perth Flame!!!

Riding along the Applecross foreshore on Saturday with some mates, I saw this potential scene. Last night I thought the sky was looking promising so i set out to see if I could pull it together.

Looking at the RAW images, I was not convinced I have achieved the mission, but this evening I persevered with it and I think it has come together OK.

These flame trees are just going off around the city at present.

So, come on Photogs…get out there and get me some shots of your version of a flame tree in all its glory!

Lake Ballard Statue

You have probably had enough of these statues between mine and Christian’s blog, but I particularly like this one as a closing statue shot from the trip.

Taken with the Canon 17mm tilt shift at F4 in the middle of the day and I had the lense shifted down to elongate the statue some which worked pretty well i reckon.

The Ochre and the blues of the sky work really well together as well I reckon…although the sRGB file for the web does not work out as well as the DCAM TIFF…but the real thing looks pretty good actually!