3 More from Lake Ballard

Here are a few more from Lake Ballard. Mirage Man was pretty cool at the top. It was getting close to being the heat of the day which was also Β welcome change after being in the ‘big chill in Perth over the last month or so!

The Moonset shot was taken just at sunrise and the range of colours in the clear sky and evolving on the dry lake bed was a sight to behold. The weather up there was such a welcome change from the freezing winter we have had in Perth and it was good to get some vitamin D into the system properly again!

Kinda pushed the envelope a bit getting the bottom image as I had been out for a while without any water and ended up a fair distance away from the camp. I totally failed the mission of capturing a large curious eagle by initially having the wide angle tilt shift on and then after fumbling with excitement got the 300m zoom on and had the shutter set too slow…doh!

Poor old Dave Bettini was struggling to find any decent wildlife out there and I stumbled onto the kick but bird shot and didn’t get it…never mind!

31 thoughts on “3 More from Lake Ballard

    1. Thanks Philbert!

      I notice you have been posting a couple lately…will go and comment in a mo!

    1. Thanks Mervy!

      Still getting around to the Mission Impossible shot…need to work up the mood!

  1. The moonman is good fun, I like it.

    Now the middle one…would not surprisingly be one of my favourite ever of your images mate. The simplicity, the colours, the moon, the composition. This one is really good. Tiny suggestions, I would cheat a bit and move the moon a bit to the right. I might also try cropping a bit more of the bottom just to make it wider and enhance the feeling of vastness. This is a great step towards simple wide open spaces mate!

    Third one is perhaps not the most optimal composition I must admit, oh and is that horizon an illusion πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Bo…best ever eh…that's a big call!

      And…you liked the moon man…waycool!

      I have a few more wide open spaces for you as well…working on one now actually!

      1. one of the best…couldn't pick the best πŸ™‚ So many I like, those Louisiades are also so brilliant, so is a lot of other stuff. But this is a great trip into simplicity for you.

        (mate, when you get a change, gotta check out my new site πŸ™‚

      2. no rush mate, no rush at all, don't interrupt your creative flow with these images. Take your time to read my blog, browse the site etc, don't rush it as there's a lot of stuff to enjoy and see πŸ™‚

        1. Just had a look mate…very impressive at first glance. My fav for sure is the background image!

          I will take some time to go through but yes you have done a great job here. It is on my list of things to do later this year!

          Can't say I am looking fwd to it at all!

  2. Hey Mark, 2nd image is stunning, great work not burning out the moon perfect mate cheers Adrian

  3. Indeed the 2nd shot is beautiful. And Flemming is right in saying that it is one of your best. The first looks like a freaky alien droid has just landed on an alien planet. B & W works a treat!

  4. I love the first image the best mate but sorry to be a picky prick but I think I saw a dust spot hehehe. The second is also an awesome shot but just love the BW in the first one and the artistic way it sticks hey.

    1. Thanks Brett…I noticed the dust spot myself after I posted mate…but thanks for pointing it out.

    1. Thanks Tommy Boy!

      Like your work mate…you can comment any time you like with comments like that mate!

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