21 thoughts on “An Eastern View of Lake Ballard

  1. Take me out there! that’s all I think whenever I see these photos of yours mate. You really got some good exercises in simplicity out at Lake Ballard.

    This is very nice Into the Nothingness and not surprisingly I like it! Wide open space! It does somehow lack an anchor somewhere in this very wide composition. But is just magnificent primary colours and so lovely wide open space.

    1. Thanks for the comments Peta, Jamie, Andrew and Chizz.

      In my mind the anchor points are subtle in the highlighted posts and walking tracks in the mud.

      They also form some pretty strong diagonals.

  2. Actually I do like it make. I can really just see myself sitting in the middle of that for a few hours under a sun brolly relaxing. It captures the emptiness of Australia, and I'm going to suggest that not having an anchor point works in this photos favour.

    I'm guessing you trying to portray openess and vast space which is why no anchor point works this time around.

  3. Absolutely stunning mate. The clouds really work….I thought I remembered you mentioning having no sky!!! One thing I would like to know, is if that line of sticks in the lake bed is a row of those figurine statues, or an old fence run?

    1. Sorry Chizz…they are an old fence and they have picked up the last bit of light really well!

    1. Thanks Brett…indeed I think the subtle tones and simplicity are the go with this image eh!

    1. Thanks Mikie Mike…worked OK eh and your Bro liked it as well!

      And yep Brett…I reckon there could be a winning Landscape 500 out there mate!

  4. Great colours Markie, is that one of the statues in the centre right foreground ? I find my eye is drawn and wants to see more of the landscape to the right of frame.
    tone šŸ™‚

    1. Yes there Toneman…that is one of the statues in the centre right and no you can't see any more to the right of frame…coz it isn't there! šŸ™‚

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