Some more images from the Rowley Shoals and Broome

The top shot was taken the evening before I left for the Rowley Shoals.  The clouds really turned it on with some very cool God rays highlighting the Willy cruising out off Cable Beach.

The diving shot is of one of the more experienced divers on the cruise setting up for a video shot in the channel drift snorkel that we do and there is also a shot of the channel drift itself. This is Mother nature showing that she is the master of the water thrills when compared to any man made water thrill park!

The blue shot was taken from on top of True North on the way out of the Shoals and is one of the channels we do the drift dive in.

Th final shot is a cool Black and White shot of True North with some perfectly spaced Coral Reefs off in the distance.

Hope you like them all!

Manta Ray Rowley Shoals

What a day! Kicked off with that stunning sunrise with absolutely dead calm water and then off for the morning snorkel when we found this very playfull Manta Ray. He was not camera shy at all and when he lost us he came back for more.

The girl in the foreground is the very beautiful Nitty who is one of our Cruise Directors. She is an extremely competent diver and always manages to get right in there where the action is.

The day was concluded with a dive on the Mermaid Reef verticle wall that is 90m deep and the viz was about 50m I reckon! The wall dive was closely followed with a dive with the Potato Cods at the Cod hole.

We are now about to have a fabulous dinner and then some slide shows of the trips shots…..a gentle cruise into Broome and another True North adventure comes to end….until the next time!!!

I have many more images I haven’t had time to process yet so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and they will slowly come out!

Rowley Shoals Diving shots

Here are a few diving shots from the Rowley Shoals. The water clarity has been stunning, the weather amazing and some great dives to be had for sure.

Couple the above with the great food that the True North chefs have been serving up, together with the care and attention from the famous True North crew and we have certainly had a relaxing time out here….gotta go for the Mock wedding on the beach!

More shots from the Rowleys

Just another perfect day in Paradise!

I don’t think you would find a beach as clean and white as the Bedwell Island beach anywhere in the world…simply stunning.

Today the little breeze that we had has dropped off to dead calm so stay tuned for some cracker coral garden shots!

Rowley shoals, Bedwell Island

The first day at the Rowleys on True North was action packed as usual!

Starting with a warm up dive, then a walk at midday on th beautiful Bedwell Island followed by 3 drift snorkels out the narrow channels with the tide going out.

The night was finished off with 2 birthday parties and Roast Duck!

These images are from the North side of Bedwell Island

True North Trip to the Rowleys coming up!

On Friday we fly up to Broome to join the True North for the first Rowley Shoals trip…can’t wait…after the lomg trip to Trinidad followed by teh arduous big move from Oakford to East Freo, Lee and I are both ready for a True North holiday!

We have some great friends and past passengers coming on board this trip and our dear friends Frank and Sheena’s daughter is going to have a mock wedding on the beach at Sunset one evening on the Shoals…which should be a hoot!

I will be posting most days depending on how busy we get which should start from Sunday till Wednesday.

I have been diving since I was 15 with many thousands of dive around the world and I would rate the Rowley Shoals up there with the best diving that can be done anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned troops!

Below are some shots taken on the beach in Tobago

John and his family took me down to this lovely beach last Sunday. Some amazing clouds and some very cool Tropical vista to be had.

Seeing as I had about 45 hours of travel time getting back from there…I had a few hours to kill working up some images in between sleeping!