Yacht City

Trinidad is a safe haven for yachties during the Hurricane season and this little scene is taken at a place called Chaguramas where there are a number of sheltered areas where the yachties can take refuge. There are also quite a few marinas and quirky little eateries scattered around this area.

15 thoughts on “Yacht City

        1. I wish I knew Matt! I will either be leaving here omn the 13th or 16th, but won't be back this weekend that's for sure!

  1. I like this one Mark, in fact probably my fav amongst your new uploads… tranquil and serene. Works well with the B&W tones. top image mate !
    tone šŸ™‚

    1. Yep I like this one myself mate…but have another couple to post in a mo that aren't too bad either!

    1. Yep I rate this one as well Luke. I shot another version of this one the other day and will post it when i get a mo!

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