Manta Ray Rowley Shoals

What a day! Kicked off with that stunning sunrise with absolutely dead calm water and then off for the morning snorkel when we found this very playfull Manta Ray. He was not camera shy at all and when he lost us he came back for more.

The girl in the foreground is the very beautiful Nitty who is one of our Cruise Directors. She is an extremely competent diver and always manages to get right in there where the action is.

The day was concluded with a dive on the Mermaid Reef verticle wall that is 90m deep and the viz was about 50m I reckon! The wall dive was closely followed with a dive with the Potato Cods at the Cod hole.

We are now about to have a fabulous dinner and then some slide shows of the trips shots…..a gentle cruise into Broome and another True North adventure comes to end….until the next time!!!

I have many more images I haven’t had time to process yet so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and they will slowly come out!

3 thoughts on “Manta Ray Rowley Shoals

  1. looks nice Mark! be hard to get off the boat and back to reality i would imagine!!
    I had an awesome dive with a heap of manta rays at an island off bali once, they are pretty awesome creatures!

    1. Indeed it is hard to get back to reality after being on the True North Matty!

      Christian went through a week of depression after being on here!

      Thanks for the kind words there Bomont! Nitty does make a great underwater model..I might look for some good scenes in Png that we can experiment with a model.



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