Some more images from the Rowley Shoals and Broome

The top shot was taken the evening before I left for the Rowley Shoals. ย The clouds really turned it on with some very cool God rays highlighting the Willy cruising out off Cable Beach.

The diving shot is of one of the more experienced divers on the cruise setting up for a video shot in the channel drift snorkel that we do and there is also a shot of the channel drift itself. This is Mother nature showing that she is the master of the water thrills when compared to any man made water thrill park!

The blue shot was taken from on top of True North on the way out of the Shoals and is one of the channels we do the drift dive in.

Th final shot is a cool Black and White shot of True North with some perfectly spaced Coral Reefs off in the distance.

Hope you like them all!

13 thoughts on “Some more images from the Rowley Shoals and Broome

    1. Hi Bo,

      No the shot was taken from the top of True North whilst going through a very narrow channel so only single shot opportunities!

      Yep..old Cable Beach is always good for a sweet image or 2 eh!



        1. No worries Luke…drop me a line any time and we'll work out the best cruise for you!



    1. Yep you and the few sharks who like to get a nice cruisy breathing session as the tides running Jamie!

      They are really cool to observe just lying there not having to move and yet still having the water passing over their gills!



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