Karijini Zig Zag











I am enjoying going back through the KJ RAW files again…finding some gold in there that I had passed over!

This one is no exception. A 3 shot verticle stitch, with the top 2 blended for the 2 exposures.

Once again the heros in the shot are the spinifex I reckon and teh zig zag lines through the image.

Shark Bay Lookout Vertical











Another image from the trip on the way up to Karijini earlier this year with many of the other Photogs.

I now recall what attracted me to this image. The beaut shadows from the clouds, the bright earthy colours…the various leading lines and the awesome clouds.

Whilst I was shooting this facing away from the western sun, Christian Peter Eastway and many others were all trying to get something from the Western Perspective.

I very much rate this perspective and the even light made for a much easier shoot!

Karijini Whirlpool Colours








After a run of water based shots recently I felt the need to get back to some earthy colours, so of course went back to my old favorite..Karijini!

I found this one lurking in the archives and was a product of a light painting session with my old Buddy Brent Pearson…the light painting guru!

Incidently he was in town last night and we caught up and talked photo stuff for most of the night over a lamb roast…awlays great to catch up with Brent.

I love the colours and textures in this image and the way the light has brought out more colours than would have been possible without light painting.

Henderson Sunset











I had to go to Henderson this evening on the off chance of getting a commercial shot off..but that was not to be.

These little purple plants took my eye whilst out in the screaming sea breeze at the end of the breakwater and what is totally amazing about these plants is how they survive out there in possibly some of the harshest conditions a plant would ever have to endure.

From now on they will get little or no fresh water from rain…they will be bombarded with salt spray and sun.

My post for the day…not as epic as some of Rodney’s stuff of late from Kiwi land but a bit of colour non the less!

Longreach Bay at Rottnest Island





Here is a panorama of my favourite bay at Rottnest…which also happens to be where I have my mooring! šŸ™‚

The water clarity was as good as it gets last weekend which made it perfect for some great seascapes.

My boat is close to the beach not far off the centre of the shot.

Mike Fletcher’s True North at the Rowley Shoals…sheer genius!!!

Mike has just sent me a link to his latest creation that he took out at the Rowley Shoals. This is now the 6th video he has produced for us and once again he has shown his unique style brings out the best of our destinations in a very classy way.

Thanks once again Mike from all of us at North Star Cruises.

Adrian, this is where you could have been for your Honeymoon!

You can see the video here: Mike Fletcher at the Rowley Shoals on True North