Karijini Zig Zag











I am enjoying going back through the KJ RAW files again…finding some gold in there that I had passed over!

This one is no exception. A 3 shot verticle stitch, with the top 2 blended for the 2 exposures.

Once again the heros in the shot are the spinifex I reckon and teh zig zag lines through the image.

15 thoughts on “Karijini Zig Zag

    1. Thanks Davie Boy!

      I am lacking a bit with verticle shots so I have been out looking for them for the last few months!

      Yep I rate this shot eh…it came together well!

      Thanks for the comment mate.

  1. Great shot Mark i have not seen a photo from this point of view before love the leading zig zag lines into the photo makes the eye wander from the bottom of the photo all the way to the top!! bloody Awesome!

  2. Well composed it definitely makes you look into the photo from top to the bottom. The shadows also make it as well..define the zig zag leads.

  3. The Zig is Zagging just the right way here big buddy. Very good layers, this viewpoint works well, great image! I just woke up so could be my eyes, but seems to be a bit of a magenta cast to the whole image.

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