Classic Wooden Boat in Long Reach











This one’s for Julie!

I am guessing that Julie is one of the Owner’s of this old classic wooden boat that was just behind us at Long Reach, Rottnest Island this weekend.

How good was the weekend at Rottnest! A 12 out of 10 I reckon! Light Easterlies in the mornings and then back to no wind the water clarity was out of this world!

The Sea breeze on the way home was a light 8 knots up the butt.

I love these old classic boats and they really make for some great photos especially when you get the clouds to do the righty as they were on the weekend.

Well done Julie, if this is your boat!

Rottnest Island Fays Bay Sunset




What a start to the season at Rottnest we have had over the last 2 weekends!

As we cruised over Friday evening this sunset started to build. I literally pulled up on the mooring and bolted for Fays Bay where I could see the action starting to happen.

Possibly one of the most difficult stitches I have put together I reckon and the first attempt went in the bin…but I persevered and I am pretty happy with the results.

I have some other gold ready to work up as the midday clarity was as good as I have seen over here!

Tortured Rottnest Trees








I pinged this image off on the way back to the boat. Greggy and Reece were getting hungry in anticipation of the pending Tempura Whiting feast coming up so the pressure was on.

I have made a bit of a habit when I go out on a shoot to walk back a different way where ever possible and in this instance went out along the coast and came back a bit higher…it certainly paid off last night!

Rottnest season is back again!!!



The Rottnest season is now on again and we started it off with our very good friends, Con, Jenny, Greggy and Reece.

A great feed of whiting was caught caught yesterday arvo and then we cooked them up Tempura just after sunset.

Greggy Reece and I went out down near Kingston Barracks and these trees caught my eye.

I think this scene is quite typical of Rottnest landscapes and I think it typifies the island quite well

Cable Beach Patterns

One of the wonderful things about the Kimberley is the huge tides that happens up there and with the tides come some amazing patterns and features.

This image is simply alive with such patterns, from the fingers in the sand, to the wave lines further out and then up to the amazing detail in the sky that seemed to evolve in some way to compliment what was on the ground.

There are also numerous crab patterns that I saw in other areas outside of this photo that were also really cool!

Hope you like it!