Montgomery Reef Life







A follow on shot from the Montgomery Aerial from the other day. This shot typifies how the reef comes alive with the 12m tides and all the bird life feeding off the top of the reef, the larger fish are feeding off the bottom of the run offs and it is action stations everywhere.

The True North ends up way lower than the reef as it emerges out of the ocean and it is quite an eery feeling in some ways!

Montgomery Reef Abstract








I was sifting through some Kimberley shots last night looking for something and found this little gem lurking in the background!

I think it would look quite nice on a wall!

This is an aerial shot I took from the True North heli last year whilst Christian and Mike were on board.

The Montgomery is one of my very favourite places in the Kimberley as it changes every time you go there. Over 600 square miles of reef that just appear out of nowhere at low tide.

The flora and fauna that lives and feeds off this reef is something else as well!

PNG Island Magic






The lovely Peta-Anne North sent me some ideas on my previous post today which was much appreciated. One of her worked versions of my images used desaturation of the background to make the foreground jump, so I have used this technique to come up with a similar result…although still different, with this new take on Mark’s Island.

I keep coming back to this little island as it was gold and I want to end up with a couple of images that do the location justice…hope I am not boring any of you with my persistence!

Stubborn little cus ain’t I!

Thanks again for the ideas Peta!

Mark’s Island’s Beautiful Knarley Tree











Here is another view of that wonderful Knarley tree that Christian Flemming and myself found on Mark’s island.

I took a few shots to try and do it justice and I think this one come close in some way to showing off its unique features and lines

Rabaul Altered Landscape!









I think that this image typifies both how dramatically the Volcano at Rabaul altered the landscape for ever and how quickly is must have come on.

Here we have a reasonable size bull dozer totally buried in ash and lava.

I intend to go back here sometime and spend a few days there…gold around every corner!

I have now added a colour version for Tim…hope you like it mate!

Matilda Bay Sunset over looking Perth City








Jamie Paterson gave me the heads up about some awesome clouds that were building over our hills this evening so I went out originally looking to go to Kings Park. Along the way this scene caught my eye and I pulled over only to bump into the one and only man of mystery, Beau Mitchell!

I have met Beau many times on my blog and it was great to finally put a face to the Avatar!

Hope you got some gold there Beau!

Old Volcano Guy…Square Crop











The lovely Peta North suggested that I should look at a square crop of this image and I totally agree with her after doing it up.

I also have Tim from Island Images to thank for the heads up on a technique he used recently. I used a bit of that technique on this version of the shot and it worked very well!