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On the way out from our epic Volcano Adventure, we came across this old guy who actually lives in a small hut where the Volcanic ash is still evident all around where the old township was.

Not sure how old this fellow was, but if I look half as good as he does at his age, I will be very happy!

He just cruises out and catches his fish with this dugout and obviously doing all the paddling every day isn’t doing him any harm at all!

At the request of Mr Bo Jangles I have put up a different version to the top image based on his comments….hope you like it Bomontaruny!

9 thoughts on “Volcano Guy

  1. Bastard. That's a really nice portrait of Volcano Fella. His skin was like leather his muscles were finely tuned instruments from rowing a dugout for hundreds of years (just about). I have a few good shots of him as well with more of the environment present but I wish I had a closeup as well. Bastard.
    Question: are you using high pass filter or freaky details or some similar stuff? It just a little edgy and haloed at this size.

    1. Thanks little buddy!

      Yep rubbed in a little freaky detail here and there.

      The large TIFF looks OK I reckon!

  2. Love the portrait but I would like to see it in a square format without the mountains and clouds, you have so much detail with the old man,boat and palm fronds that you don't need the rest.

    1. That was the idea mate…if the rest of the image was lighter and less contrasty, then he would not stand out as much.

      I might have another play with it if I get the inclination!



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