Matilda Bay Sunset over looking Perth City








Jamie Paterson gave me the heads up about some awesome clouds that were building over our hills this evening so I went out originally looking to go to Kings Park. Along the way this scene caught my eye and I pulled over only to bump into the one and only man of mystery, Beau Mitchell!

I have met Beau many times on my blog and it was great to finally put a face to the Avatar!

Hope you got some gold there Beau!

9 thoughts on “Matilda Bay Sunset over looking Perth City

    1. Thanks Dylan….yep it was pretty cool but finding the right perspective took a bit of work!

      And yep bummer Jamie that you couldn't make it!

  1. Hi Mark

    Nice. I just knew those clouds were going to be something special. Shame I had to watch them from the backyard!


  2. Ripper, Mark. I processed one shot from last night, but i'm not 100% convinced it is a keeper. It was nice to meet you and have a brief chat. Would be nice to meet up again for a shoot some time.

    1. Thanks Beau…and indeed it was also nice to put a face the name Beau Mitchell as well!

      Up for a shoot any time mate!

      By the way you Avatar does look like someone launching off a cliff doing a base jump!

  3. Yeah, those clouds were awesome. I was walking around looking at that very cloud formation thinking I should have taken the camera. From South Guildford it looked a lot taller, it was a really nice sunset over the river too, really golden light on Guildford Common showed the meadow up a treat. My effort; fail!

    1. Hi Matt,

      It is sometimes just the luck of the draw as to where you choose to be especially when what is in front of you is on such a grand scale as those clouds were the other night.

      I literally set out one day to go to Mandurah for a potentially good sunset…got to the freeway and changed my mind and went right instead of left…ended up on the South Perth jetty and got gold.

      If I had gone with my original plan to Mandurah I would have ended up with nothing as the cloud ended up being all over Perth waters and none down Mandurah way!

      F8 and be there is my advice mate…always have your camera handy and the shots will start appearing before your eyes!



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